About us

A look into the why, what and how here at Faculty.

Why we're here

We exist to help innovative brands harness the power of creativity, enabling them to live long in the heart and mind.

What and how

We are a Southampton Graphic Design and Branding agency that define and design brand communication. We’re strategic in our approach to making the complicated simple and the simple, compelling.

We're supported by a team of talented creatives, strategists and consultants allowing us to build purposeful teams for every project. We investigate, explore and immerse ourselves in your world, revealing what makes you great and amplifying it.

Brand strategy

Uncovering your true reason for being, we assess your audience, plot your strategy and map out your point of difference.

Brand identity

Creating a world of possibility, crafting logos and brand design systems that rise above the noise and challenge perceptions.

Creative design

We produce creative design that engages audiences, time and again.

Web design + Digital  

We create with digital in mind, delivering a seamless experience across all platforms.

We work with

Great brands helping them create great results
emerchantpayAssemblyworldpaymorganbae systemsamazon paybasfMaunder XVRitual Feast
Eaton Square

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