Peligoni Club

Creating a home away from home

Peligoni is a members-only, sun-drenched home away from home, where you can kick back, let your hair down and watch the world float by. They enable you to experience the best of a private villa holiday with the social fun of a beach club.

The challenge

We were approached by the guys at Peligoni to completely rethink their portfolio of brochures. In previous form the user experience was poor, too much copy and too many images made key information difficult to read.

Our approach

From the outset our objective was to make the brochure easier to consume, make the content more focussed and make it feel like a premium offer. Firstly we set about reducing the copy, introducing maximum word counts to enable us to space out key information better.

We also redesigned the page grid, reducing the total image count allowed us to make the images larger, giving them more impact.

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