What makes a great PowerPoint presentation?

6 September 2019

Love it or hate it, PowerPoint presentations remain the cornerstone of product launches, investor pitches and keynote speeches for SME’s and big brands alike. According to statistics from enlyft over 165,000 companies use it as their go to.

Presentations are a powerful communication tool, so what’s the key to making sure yours is remembered for all the right reasons?


As the old saying goes, less is more. Limit the amount of copy on each slide to the absolute essentials. Think of slides as visual aids, rather than a canvas to overload with information. Your audience are more likely to be captivated by listening rather than reading.

Tip: Create maximum impact with pull out stats, figures, imagery and video, rather than lists of  bullet points and paragraphs of text.

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Limit the use of transitions and animations

Having your bullet points Checkerboard and your images Boomerang will not engage your audience. The use of animation should be subtle and adding value to the story you want to tell, otherwise it’s a distraction for your audience.

Tip: Use a maximum of one page transition and one animation style per slide, where appropriate.

Faculty is a design agency in Southampton

Widescreen format

Unless your presentation is being viewed on a tablet, avoid using 4:3 format. If you want impact that utilises the maximum screen real estate go 16:9.

Tip: Choose the widescreen setting to ensure there’s no reduction in resolution up to 4k.

Faculty is a design agency in Southampton


There are elements you want to remain consistent throughout your deck. Headers, footers, typefaces and colours to name a few. You want your visual language to look like it was considered rather than several presentations amalgamated into one. 

Tip: Use master pages to setup page styles, utilise the visual guides to ensure your elements align and limit your fonts to a header and body style, this will enable you to create consistent page layouts throughout. Sweat the details.

Faculty is a design agency in Southampton

Know your audience

Rule number one in creating content, know who you are catering for. These insights will allow you to tailor your message, allowing you to demonstrate features and benefits that address particular pain points your audience may experience.

Tip: If you haven’t got a good grasp on who your audience is, try undertaking a user profile exercise, looking at demographics and more importantly psychographics. You can down a template here to guide you through the process.

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Clip Art

Don’t use it. Ever. Nothing says unprofessional quite like it.

Tip: With the rise in free stock sites there’s never been more choice for high quality, copyright free photography to use. Check out 8 of the best free stock photography sites

Faculty is a Southampton graphic design agency

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