Reverse Rett

Rett Syndrome is a neurological disorder that strikes little girls around the time of their first birthday and ends their parents’ hopes and dreams for their future.

Rett Syndrome affects nearly every aspect of these girls’ lives; taking away their ability to walk, talk and use their hands. Many girls have problems with breathing and eating. Many have seizures.

Each year Reverse Rett hold a fund raiser with the proceeds go to their charity. To support the evening an event programme was needed. We came up with a 24pp 210x210mm programme with the concept for the event based around genes and Biology. We quickly decided on a hand drawn style.

Rett Gala Dinner programme cover created by Faculty Creative, design agency hampshire
Rett Gala Dinner programme by Faculty Creative, design agency hampshire
Reverse Rett charity run, with creative design agency hampshire, faculty creative
Rett Gala Dinner programme created design agency hampshire, Faculty Creative
Reverse Rett programme charity run + faculty creative, design agency southampton
Rett Gala Dinner programme designed by Faculty Creative, design agency hampshire
Reverse Rett charity walk, created by graphic design agency southampton, faculty creative

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